Christian Apocrypha

The Christian Apocrypha constitute a loosely defined collection of early Christian texts which are similar in style and content to the books of the New Testament but which were not included in either the New Testament itself or the Apostolic Fathers.
The Christian Apocrypha include a wide range of genres: gospels, apostolic acts, letters, apocalypses, martyrdom's, and saint's lives. The surviving texts date from the second century and later, but some contain much older traditions. They were written in a variety of ancient languages and often survive only in fragments or in translations into other languages. Recent scholarship has been concerned with the reconstruction of the texts and tracing their development over time. Other scholars have attempted to mine these works for information on popular Christianity in the early centuries.

First Enoch
Second Enoch
First Esdras
Second Esdras
First Machabees
Second Machabees
First Paralepomenon
Second Paralepomenon
Third Kings
Fourth Kings
Acts and Martyrdom of Andrew
Acts of Barnabus the Apostle
Acts of John
Acts of Paul
Acts of Paul and Thecla
Acts of Peter
Acts of Peter and Andrew
Acts of Peter and Paul
Acts of Thaddeus
Acts of Xanthippe

Apocalypse of Moses
Apocalypse of Peter
Apocalypse of Thomas
Apocalypse of the Virgin
Arabic Infancy Gospels
Ascension of Isaiah
Assumption of Moses
Bel and the Dragon
Book of Enoch
Book of John the Evangelist
Book of Judith
Book of PseudoMatthew
Book of Thomas the Contender
Book of Wisdom


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